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Special products for different businesses.


Credit plays a key role in the success of a business as it allows the company to raise capital to finance its operations and expand its activities. Through financial credit products, companies can obtain the necessary capital to invest in equipment, technology, personnel and other essential resources for their operation and growth. In addition, credit helps entrepreneurs manage their cash flow and cover unforeseen expenses, providing financial security and growth.


Currency exchange services are an important tool for anyone looking to expand their financial horizons and take advantage of opportunities beyond the borders of their home country. They are essential for people and companies that need to carry out international financial transactions, whether to send or receive payments, buy or sell products and services, or even make investments abroad. By offering the conversion of foreign currencies to local currency, these services allow entrepreneurs and clients to trade more easily and securely.


The capital market is fundamental for medium and large companies, from different segments, allowing them to raise funds to invest in expansion, modernization, innovation and acquisitions projects, through structured and high-value financial operations. These operations are carried out by companies and financial institutions, acting as intermediaries for investors and securities issuing companies. Structured operations in the capital market are important for attracting long-term investments and fostering investor savings, contributing to the growth and economic development of companies and the country as a whole.


Trade finance is essential to ensure the success of international trade transactions. That's because global trade involves different currencies, regulations and risks, and suppliers and buyers often don't know each other personally. Trade finance, through instruments such as letters of credit, bank guarantees and export credit insurance, offers security and reliability to the parties involved, reducing the risk of default and increasing the financing capacity. In addition, trade finance is an important source of finance for small and medium-sized companies that, without it, would have difficulty obtaining credit to expand their businesses and compete internationally.


Insurance is an important tool for both you and your business. Companies can benefit from insurance that protects their assets, such as buildings, equipment and inventory, as well as coverage for financial losses arising from business interruption or civil liability. Individuals, on the other hand, can use insurance to protect their high-value assets, such as real estate, cars and art collections, in addition to life and health insurance with broad coverage and exclusive services. Controll Capital helps clients to find customized policies according to their needs, guaranteeing adequate and personalized protection.


Consortia work as a form of credit planning, as the participant pays a monthly amount that will be used to purchase the desired item. This financial organization is important to avoid unnecessary debt and control the budget, in addition to enabling the acquisition of goods without resorting to loans with high interest rates. When opting for a consortium, the participant can plan the purchase of the asset in advance, research prices and market conditions and wait for the most favorable moment to use the letter of credit. 

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